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[Sticky] Just to get you started...bunches of free stuff

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Hello folks. Long time.

Just wanted to post an update on some exceptional software that is free and legitimate. No strings attached.

First of all, there is Cakewalk by Bandlab. If you have been following the Gibson debacle at all, you will know that not much more than a year ago, Gibson brands bought Cakewalk. Up to this point, Cakewalk had been growing in strides in regards to their flagship Digital Audio Workstation: Sonar. They had three tiers of functionality: Home Studio, Studio and Platinum. Great! NOPE! Because of their inept management, Cakewalk was canned. All of us who had invested in the Software were out of luck. Not long ago, Bandlab, a social media company based in China, bought out Cakewalk and have released the highest tier of Sonar as Cakewalk by Bandlab. The clincher? It's totally free with your free membership to Bandlab. I had spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on Sonar Platinum and updates. Now it is free for anyone to use. Check it out here:

The other bit of software is not so much a DAW as it is a video editing suite which also happens to house a fully functional DAW that is capable of mixing 2.1, 5.1 up to even 22.1 surround sound. Full VST compatibility as well as support for
Mac, Windows and even Linux operating systems. This is huge.

Enter DaVinci Resolve.

The video editing capability of this software alone is impressive. 4K support and an intensive toolset for colour correction, compositing and image manipulation. This is NO toy. Far better than any video editor that I've paid money for. This will give Avid Media Composer a run for their money. What is also great is that there are a ton of tutorials on youtube.

Resolve can be downloaded here for FREE:

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