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Line 6 mixer.

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What do you guys think of this rig? I use Reaper, if that matters, I have an AKG XLR mic and I'd say I mic the amp about half the time, the rest I'd run direct in. (I use an Epi tube amp, not real loud and breaking it up isn't a big deal, but it's hard to have a completely "sterile" session sound-wise.) Good choice? Would I be disappointed/frustrated with one XLR input and one 1/4 guitar input? Where should I look for a monitor setup, assuming I did pick one of these up?

Another question, what's the best bet for a tube amp emulator? Free is always good, but cheap is ok too

Final thing, I have a digital drumset and a MIDI capable keyboard. Do I need a MIDI controller or just the cable? How would one go about recording direct in with those?

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