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Crate Combo Amp Cabinet

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I have a Crate Flexwave Combo 120 Watt slant and it has a jack for an external speaker and I'm gonna go buy the Crate FW412B Cabinet for it, Would the straight or slant version be better?

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Yes ........... :lol: Personal preference. Your combo is a slant? 2 speakers? You need to decide if you want 2 speakers angled upward a little or 4 I would say. Any chance you could try both cabs out with your combo and see what sound you like better? The 2 cabs will sound a little different but I don't think there is a right answer. personally I would get the straight myself and set the slant combo on top. Keep in mind the 2 speakers in the combo will get the same power as the 4 in the cab. (If the impedence is the same) Just make sure the speaker jack is rated for the same impedence (ohms resistance) as your cabinet is rated for.

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