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fuzzy sound from ma...
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fuzzy sound from marshall practice amp

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i bought a a marshall practice amp that worked fine for a few months. when i went on a flight and used it again it stopped working properly. all it makes is a fuzzy horrible noise that's even worse when i try to play, its all fuzz and nothings clear. i tried messing with the tone/volume options but it didnt work. i know that the problem is not in the cable or the guitar, but in the amp. any suggestions of what might be wrong and how i can fix it? Thanks!

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sure its the amp check teh cables and stuff first other than that , sorry nothing.

We have to ask ourselves. What would Ultralord do?

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You could have a look at the speaker cones to see if they are damaged.

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A little more information on the amp would help. Solidstate or tube amp?

Could be anything from a loose connect inside or a loose speaker wire, a capacitor going bad, a bad variable potentiometer, transformer winding short, to a failing power supply. To name a few.