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Guess what I Found
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Guess what I Found

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I was helping clean out a room at my church and i found something sweet, an old guitar amp. It's a Sears 500g amp from the early 80's i think. It doesn't have a good clean sound but it does have a nice raw and distorted sound aswell as pretty good reverb,which makes it perfect for playing early White Stripes stuff. I'm probably gonna buy it, i have been playing on it alot and i really like it.

Anyone know how much it is worth? It is a solid state amp but it sounds good and it's in good condition. I don't want to rip a church off either.

I'll put a pic up soon.

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I dunno, I doubt it's worth much. Fun to play with, though. See if you can find one like it in completed eBay auctions.

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