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New Amp $400 or les...
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New Amp $400 or less

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I have been amp shopping now that I am starting back playing again. Down to the vox Ad30VT, Peavey valveking 112, Crate's V16 tube and also the popular Blues Jr. which is a little above my price range. I know how people feel about tube amps and I agree that they have a wonderful natural tone that SS amps can't quite reproduce but I want to play some hard rock stuff with nice distortion in addition to having a good clean sound. Will be playing mainly at home for hobby and I don't want to have to crank the amp up too much in order to get that killer tube tone. I know you can buy pedals for the distortion but the cost starts to go up there. What do you guys think about this Vox Valvetronix. It sounded good in Guitar Center but then again so did the blues Jr and the crate(havent heard the peavey yet). I know the vox isnt an all tube amp but it it does have alot of versatility. I guess what I am really asking is should I just go with one of the tube amps and add effects or get this Vox and save some money? Anything else I should look at in this price range?
The crate is not much more than the vox and it is all tube and also sounded really nice in the store.