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Peavey Mace amp question

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I just picked up an old Peavey Mace VT 212 amp. Thing sounds great with my Strat. I do have a few questions. What is the automix plugs in the front? I think there should be a footswitch for that but there is another 6 pin plug on the back for a footswitch. Secondly, does anyone know what footswitch i need to get? Any info would be appreciated.


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This might help - from the Peavey Support pages

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I used one of those many years ago. I recall it mixed both channels together. If it has the pluggin on the back for the pedal. You need to be carefull plugging it in and out cause they had a real problem of shorting out. If you want to get some get tone from it add a power soak or attenuator. Which will allow you to run the amp harder and more control over the tone and volume.