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Which chorus pedal?
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Which chorus pedal?

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Options please, to work with a Fender Blues Jr and mex tele.  Steely Dan- jazzy type stuff.
I've never looked at pedals before so any help would be appreciated :)

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There are many great analog chorus pedals around, but for real flexibility, I recommend you check out the Line6 MM4 Modulation Modeler. It will give you great modeled emulations of many of the "classic" chorus, flange, phase-shifter, Leslie effects and more.

But ... it's about $250 US (street) new. Used are around $150 to $200

BTW, the MM4's list of emulated pedals might be a good place to start if you are looking for analog pedal suggestions -- Line6 chose those sounds for a reason and many, though old, have been re-issued due to demand.

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I don't know what would work best with your setup, but I have heard good things about the digitech line of fx pedals.

Go here:

I've never used them, but they're worth checking out, in any case


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