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This might sound dumb, but I have a Behrenger XV-AMP and I would like to reproduce an accoustic 12 string. Can this be done? If so , how? I do not have the documentation as I bought it used. Thanks in advance.

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You might try with a clean setting, looks like your kind of limited for adjusting effects. Maybe just a tad of chorus and the stereo delay between 5 and 40 ms to get a dubbling effect. Maybe you could get the pitch bend adjusted to create it. See if you can get a double sound 1 octive lower or higher and adjust the mix so it just flavors the sound a little.

best I could recommend being I haven't used one of those.


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The X V-amp has an accoustic setting, if I am not mistaken. Set it to a single-coil, lower the input gain, set it to accoustic, use Joe's trick for the 12-string bit and don't expect too much. The sound of a proper 12-string is just way too complex to be decently imitated by a $70 unit. Have fun though, a billion other sounds are possible with it...