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Hello, from an old mad picker!

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Some people play with their cats, some collect items, and others have different hobbies, but I pick my guitars when I'm alone. I'm mostly self-taught - had to learn what I did the hard way because instructors which are good enough to help me were hard to find. I keep on picking because the more that I learn to play right, the more intense the satisfaction, and the more addictive playing becomes...hellllp me!!!

I'm now studying the art of soloing with pentatonic and modal harmonies, which I've picked up through books and various websites. After four decades I actually feel like I am comfortable enough that I can play spontaneously with fast right-arm motion (that was a major bug, which my instructors really should have paid more attention to - while a sense for rythm was never anything I lacked, efficient and consistent control of the right-arm wrist motion took a long time to fix). Some day I'd like to clear that sheet-music sight-reading obstacle as well.

Posted : 19/04/2014 4:52 pm