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hello from chile!

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Hi is a great site. I am from chile and i like to play rock music, like zeppelin, the who, pink floyd, pearl jam and neil young...well, about that, anyone knows the chords for "the real me" by the who?...That's all people. Saludos y paz!

Posted : 30/08/2009 8:11 pm
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Welcome to GN!


Posted : 30/08/2009 8:50 pm
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Welcome to Guitar Noise! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Posted : 30/08/2009 10:53 pm
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Hi, glad you joined! :D

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Posted : 31/08/2009 12:02 am
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Hi there!

Welcome to Guitar Noise!

Posted : 31/08/2009 8:00 pm
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Welcome aboard! 8)

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Posted : 01/09/2009 5:49 pm
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Two new members from South America in one week! Is it something in the water?


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Posted : 02/09/2009 5:25 am