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New Bee says Hi

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Evening, All,

<opens creaky wooden door in ancient Scottish laird's house> I've been playing on and off for many years. In addition to taking up the study of the guitar very seriously again now, I am, for the first time, out to learn how all this here gear I use actually works. From which kind of cable to use in which situation, to how a valve amp works, to signal chains, FX loops, the ins and outs (note the pun) of the various FX boxen I employ--I want to know it all. I plan to axe (note the pun) lots of specific questions in the days ahead, so please, those in the know, I solicit and welcome you're input. Just please no enquiries about my mad aunt we keep locked in a cupboard--bit of a sensitive subject for the family, don't you know.
For today, I am out to find out how to SILENCE my FX loop/chain. So far, either my little MXR unit ain't doin' the trick, or I have it placed in the wrong spot in the loop. I'll post the particulars in the correct forum.


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Welcome Mordred478!

Well, ya don't want much do ya???

Not to worry however, there are a great bunch of guys on here that will be able to address most of your questions, I am sure!
Welcome to GN, hope you enjoy your stay!
Cheers, katmetal :)

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Welcome to Guitar Noise!! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Welcome aboard! 8)


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welcome man 8)

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Welcome Mordred! *Waves from the other end of the country* - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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Welcome to GN!