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I am the duckie, started playing in September '05 on an old anjo 3/4. I bought my boy "Ledger" in October. I played Piano as a kid but probably couldn't play now if I tried. Lyrically been writing since I was 10 and thought guitar would help me write the music. Its something I love to do and is better than 10 grand in therapy so hey! I am 28 well 29 in a few weeks.

I looked at many guitar forums when I started playing, but none were as informative as here so I stayed. I just do not get to come here as often as I would like, but do feel most welcomed anytime I stop by !

Posted : 18/01/2006 5:15 am
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Welcome to the musical madhouse Duckie !!

Posted : 18/01/2006 6:36 am
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RubburDuckie your the one,
you make bathtime so much fun
RubburDuckie your the one for me.....

Oh the RubburDuckie..

<stops singing>

Ahh one of my favorite childhood songs.

Welcome aboard. Aarrgghh!!


“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn” - David Russell (Scottish classical Guitarist. b.1942)

Posted : 18/01/2006 9:40 am
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Posted : 18/01/2006 10:06 am
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Welcome to GN. Enjoy your stay

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Posted : 18/01/2006 11:22 am
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Thanks ya'll liking it here so far :)

Posted : 19/01/2006 3:16 am