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Don't Do That To Me...
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Don't Do That To Me Again

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I wasn't all that worried, I know you and nick worked hard to get things right again :D This happens every other year or so.
We went and played with the horses today and took my sister and here family out for dinner. I only went through mild withdrawal symptoms

After a few phone calls to my therapist... I've come to realize..."Its just a website, Its just a website, Its just a website..." Breathing exercises have helped.

Like racetruck said.... the downtime forced me to actually play my guitar. Hey...we should have a mandatory..shut up and play yer guitar night.
Thanks for all your hard work for getting the site (Its just a website, Its just a website, Its just a website) up and running again. breathe...breathe....breathe...breathe

Teamwork- A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.

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Your therapist works weekends? Wow! Cool! Wish mine did!

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Like others I thought it had something to do with me and all weekend I had visions of being banned from the site. All weekend I tried to log on and all I got was a string of php code. At the same time there were a number of other sites I couldn't connect to which furthered my paranoia. Never realized how addicted I am to this site and how important it has become to my guitar playing. Thanks for all your hard work and kudos for getting the site back up and running so fast; I'm sure you guys had other plans for your weekend.

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What a bunch of wimps.

Fancy being addicted to a website!!!

I can give it up any time I like - in fact I give it up several times a day on average...

Congratulations on getting it back up so quickly. Not saying that I missed it at all, you understand... hardly noticed... just popped in now and then out of tecnhical curiosity...



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Me too.

I think it was the website itself saying "Complain about my new layout will you?"

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Doesn't something wacky usually happen to GN around October?

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Everything is 42..... again.

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