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Guitar Noise Strumming Tutorial CD

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Coming from you, that is very much appreciated, I can tell you.

cheers David!!!!!!!

All the best


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Hi Matt,

Yes I did see your lesson and I thought it was excellent. David's lessons are great too I really like being able to listen to his examples as I go along, as I find that it is the best way for me to learn. That is why I think this CD is such a great idea!

This is a fantastic site with lots of good information and a very helpful forum community.


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I would definatly buy 2 cd's any news if they are still going ahead?


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YEP YEP YEP go for it but start at a beginning level to????

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Sounds great put me down for one. How about suggesting songs from the main site to try with the strumming patterns. 8)

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I would mos def buy this. Infact, just last night, during my weekly guitar lesson, I discussed strumming patterns with my teacher who basically said that we will talk about it but that it's essentially something that I will pick up in time. But I know me. I'm much better at riffs and solo's than I am at rythm. So I end up doing hte same three down one up one down pattern almost all the time. Pretty lame. Can't wait to see this

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i'd want one, strumming is sooo hard for me

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All right D. This post is over two years old
Us pilgrims are wanting our cds.
We are growing tired of the same food day in and day out.
I don't know about the rest of the pilgrims here but I am beginning to feel like an Israelite in the wilderness. :?
Don't make us cast idols for lack of faith that you got lost on the mountain while producing this cd for us.
We need what is promised from the land of milk and honey. :D
Where is the promise land
How is the progress of the said cd?

All kidding aside David we all love you and appreciate your contribution here.

BTW. I enjoyed your article in the fall edition of Play Guitar. 8)

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prayers of exhortation

Ok, I'm not the only one... [/hail mary]

If you're enjoying it, are you still a struggling artist??
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