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Happy Birthday, alm...
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Happy Birthday, almann1979!

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Have a good one Al....all the best mate! Keep rockin'! Sigh - wish I was 32 again. Then again, maybe not - 1989 wasn't a vintage year for rock'n'roll!

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

Posted : 30/06/2011 12:42 am
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Thanks vic - im off to watch a band at Haige Hall near wigan tonight- well two bands, the Coral and the Courteeners. I have never seen the courteeners but my friend who im going with says they base their songs on catchy guitar riffs - so hopefully I might pick up a tip or two. :D

"I like to play that guitar. I have to stare at it while I'm playing it because I'm not very good at playing it."
Noel Gallagher (who took the words right out of my mouth)

Posted : 30/06/2011 8:38 am
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Belated wishes, Happy Birthday.

Posted : 30/06/2011 10:40 am
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Hope it was a good one!

"Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard,
grow big, wear glasses if you need 'em."
-- The Webb Wilder Credo --

Posted : 30/06/2011 1:31 pm
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Happy Birthday man!!

Enjoy every bit of it!!

In Space, no one can hear me sing!

Posted : 30/06/2011 1:35 pm
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H.B.D. Al!

"It's all about stickin it to the man!"
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll!

Posted : 30/06/2011 1:47 pm
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Happy Birthday, Al.
Hope you saw a rockin' show... 8)


Posted : 30/06/2011 7:30 pm
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Happy Birthday! :D

Posted : 30/06/2011 9:01 pm
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way be-lated wishes. happy birthday. :note2:

Posted : 02/07/2011 11:39 pm