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A $5,000 Guitar Pic...
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A $5,000 Guitar Pick?!!

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Has anyone seen this thing? LOL Does it play the guitar for you? $5k is insane!

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Redbear has $25 guitar picks and I think that's insane. Guffrey Goven and Dwezil Zappa swear by them, so I'm sure they're good but I can get exactly 100 of my Fender medium celluloid's for that much. Dwezil gave my brother a pick after a show once and I thought it was his pick from the gig, but I read later that he has picks made up just to hand out. None the less, a vary cool and easy going guy.

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For 5K it would have to be the "pick of destiny" from the tenacious D movie.

together we stand, divided we fall..........

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OK... so who am I to say how people should spend the money they have.... But I cant help to think putting some of that cash into lessons might have a better return on investment in how well they play/sound...

Paul B

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Anybody who plays with picks loses them. So you can't buy just one $5,000 pick.

I refuse to buy a pick that costs more than my most expensive guitar.


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I refuse to buy a pick that costs more than my most expensive guitar.
Then you need a more expensive guitar to match. :)