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blues guitar

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I am wondering if someone has an opinion as to what would be a good Blues guitar and sometimes Jazz Box?

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Gibsons are good for both. The Les Paul's are great for blues, and also jazz, and some of the arch models are good for both as well.

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My opinion's long been that any guitar is a blues guitar.

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What richo said. A full hollow will make bending a bit tough but for the rest it don't matter much, pick whatever you like. When you take a look at famous blues performances you'll find all kind of axes, from Clapton's strat, BB's Lucile, Hendrix SG (kickarse Red House performance!) and The King's Flying V. It don't matter, you play the blues and whatever you use will sound like blues.

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So many different types of guitars can be used for either genre, but consider: The plain vanilla Telecaster has been used very successfully by some trad jazz players owing to the fairly mellow neck pup -- and of course, it also makes an outstanding blues guitar (like so many others!).

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