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Classic Rock Guitar Albums/Songs

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My dad's birthday is not far away, and he loves older classic rock, and I was hoping to find some old albums or maybe download some songs and make a few CD's, but that was a little before my time. He's taking guitar lessons, and I thought if I gave him some old stuff like that maybe it would keep him motivated to continue his lessons. I'm looking for stuff with good classic guitar parts. If you can reccomend any albums or songs please do. i know he likes Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray, Eric Clapton and people around that time if it helps.

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Try these

Jeff Beck..Blow by Blow
Eric Clapton..From The Cradle, Unplugged, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (Actually Derek and the Dominoes, but it stil counts)
SRV....Anything he recorded

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Neil Young-After the Goldrush

Everyone likes Neil Young ;)


Anything by CCR.

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Jeff Beck: 'Wired', 'Blow by Blow' and 'Truth' are the classics.

Also, since he likes Beck and Clapton, check out the Yardbirds Albums. Beck appears on 'For Your Love' and 'The Yardbirds' (with Page!) and Clapton is 'Five Live Yardbirds.' Both appear on 'Little Games.'

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My copy just arrived today, it's the Crossroads Guitar festival DVD, it's four hours of some of the best guitar I've seen/heard in along time, it's bound to have something your dad will enjoy.

Anyone else seen this, it's awsome everthing from good ol' finger pickin, to the blues, and back to rock and roll.........

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Stevie Ray Classic Rock? Geez, he came out in the 80's.

Now I feel old. :lol:

Does your dad like any Stones?

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Led Zeppelin? Maybe get some track from 'The very best of Led Zeppelin' album. Not the same sort as the other suggestions but hey.

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If he likes Clapton get Cream's Greatist Hits. All great songs on that one.

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There are a number of good Clapton compilations, Cream of Clapton or a similar title is a good one. Layla and other assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominoes is also classic Clapton. You should also check out Clapton's Rainbow Concert. And check out Riding with the King.

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Smoke On The Water
Child In time
Highway Star
Woman From Tokyo
Black Night

Hubba hubba

A :-)

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yes' "fragile"

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Here is a thougt.
Instead of getting him Cds with music, being as he is taking lessons,
Get him a book of classic music for guitar.
I just picked up a great play along book yesterday with CD to play along with.
There are a bunch of these books out for Easy guitar. It will give him more to keep him busy with his guitar.

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I don't know if you're from the UK but i recently got the best guitar compilation album I've ever heard it contains tracks by Jeff Beck, Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, et al

See link for details

Hope this helps dude

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Maybe Tull, if he has a straying sort of classic rock ear, or #10 by The Guess Who.

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