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Favorite Guitar Poll Part 1

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I'm a Tele guy.

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I own a Statocaster but all of those guitars are good, just used for different sounds I think if I had the money I wouldn't limit myself to just one guitar/one sound. Hendrix was well known for play Strats through a Marshall but I'm pretty sure he didn't always do that - i.e. I have seen a picture of him playing a flying V!

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I voted LP because my Epi LP seems to be the one I reach for first. I have and love 2 Squier '51s, not sure where they would fall in the poll. I think I could really become a Tele guy because I love playing my granddad's, but I only get to play it at his house.

I don't have a strat yet (both my sons have Squier Strats that I don't really care for), but I saw one like this at Sam Ash this weekend that I think I could fall in love with.

This guitar is here

But it was more like this color (picture is a bass, but the wood color is the same)

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I think I will like lp's the most until I get one...then I'll start liking something else, XD.

My sentiments exactly. I've come to realize that different brands of guitars were put on this earth merely to torment me and my savings account. I hope to have one of each before its all said and done, just have to figure out a way to convince the Mrs. that eating regularly is entirely too overated. :mrgreen:

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My Strat...hencho en Mexico!

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