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In the market for a guitar again

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I recently came into some money and am looking to spend part of it on a new g. I may be trading in my Firebird towards it as well as it doesn't get much use.

This is what I have my eye on:

All of these fit in my budget but I'm looking for the most for my money. I'm not familiar with the differences between Schecter's different lines so any clarification on that would be great. I'd to be able to try one but haven't had any luck finding a store near me so I may have to take a chance ordering online again.

Thanks for the help.

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Getting into the 7-string models, I see...

Well, I had the 6 string version of the last one you posted for a year or so. It is an excellent guitar, but I ended up getting rid of it based on the pickups. Not that they aren't great pickups mind you, but I decided I like passive models better than actives.

For whatever reason, I just have not been very successful at all in pulling pinch harmonics out of active pups, which is odd, since everyone swears by them for that specific purpose. I have played several different active guitars & all produce the same result for me...& since harmonics are a large part of my playing, I decided, why fight I went back to what works for me.

Other than that, my Schecter was an excellent guitar, beautifully made, very well balanced, very fast neck. My choice would be that last link you posted, simply because I would want a guitar w/ a Floyd trem on it. Also, you might want to look for some reviews on the Harmony Central website.

If you've never played actives before, you may want to give them a few trial runs to see if they fit the bill for you.

Good luck, anxious to see what your final choice may be!

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Another Schecter fan..!

I have an S-1 30th anniversary... it is the best electric guitar I have ever seen and played in the sub $1000 price range. The build quality, components and playability are amazing.

You may want to ask your question on the Schecter forum too:

Everyone on the forum swears by Drum City Guitarland as the best online retailer out there... you may want to check them out too. I personally have no experience with them.

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I know your links are all 7 string models but most people that I know who've owned one don't keep them very long and for various reasons.

My suggestion and what I've learned about you since the OWA days.... :wink: is...

Take a good look at this one.

I think the tones it delivers and the ability to play way up the neck would suit your style of music and playing better than most guitars out there.


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