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Rockstar INXS

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I've been subjected to the show a couple a times. I guess if
you like that sort a thing it's ok, but in all honesty I'm sick to death of ANY reality show. Also, what INXS is trying to do with this, do you really think they will be considered credible by the powers that be? I dunno
the idea just sorta strikes me as well, weird.
On the first two seasons of American Idol, Fox made some sort of deal to get the winning contestants "hit single" a lot of Airplay.
everyone knows Kimberly Clarkson and the rudy dude and the other guy,
but what about the girl that won on the 3rd season? LOL I already forgot the name of the girl that won this last time.

Yeah, I don't care for TV too much either. I don't even have cable or a sattelite thingee. And when I do decide to watch it, some stupid hasbeen is trying to make some stupid wannabe eat something disgusting.

LOL what would happen if Michael Schumacher got kicked off the team and the pit crew went through the stands to find a replacement driver?

Well, gotta go. The Simpsons are on............................

HaHa I agree 100% w/the first part. Btw its kelly clarkson.LoL. Yea those reality shows r sooo annoying.

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And the really sad thing is.... I liked INXS. In the 80's they were a nice alternative to the Poodle Metal and New Wave nonsense that
crammed the airwaves back then.... I hope none of those contestants butcher Mystify :!:

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but when
you're a 22lb sledge, do you really have to be?

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I don't know how old this thread is but I saw a episode about 1 am the other morning ( young people this is what happens in old age ) I m trying to go to sleep and my children are heading off to the night clubs .

But back to your thread Vic and I don't want to sound sexiest but I just can not for the life of me see a female fronting INXS , sorry I just can't . It's like Annie Lennox fronting for AC-DC , nothing against Annie but no thanks . :roll:

I maybe still living in a cave I don't know , but if INXS are fair dinkum about a new lead singer please don't make it circus . Just get the people in sing a few songs , cut back to about 2 or 3 then make a decision on capability not appearance . :?

Oh well back to the cave I thhink we are having dinosaur for our evening meal .

L.K :arrow:


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