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The "Hey Jude" Phenomenon

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This is my phrase for songs that when you play, the people you play for tend to take it over or change order of verses, choruses, etc. I was practicing Hey Jude last night in prep for some campfire playing this weekend, and I kept cracking up part way through thinking of how sure enough at the end of the second or even first bridge they take off right to the “na na na na etc” outro. I don't think I've ever got the last verse in!!!

Hey, I don't mind at all, nothing beats a bunch of friends bellowing away at the top of their lungs. At least they can't screw up the “na na na “ part! Another that comes to mind is “American Pie”. Man, there are a thousand different versions of that one orbiting the earth! "Helter Skelter Gimmee Shelter" !

Anyway, this is for fun, what are some you have encountered?

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Hey, crowd participation is as good as it gets. :wink:

Probably the #1 song of all time that will get the crowd involved is Mustang Sally "R-ide, Sal--ly Ride!"

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Nothing and I mean nothing beats - 'We will rock you/We are the champions' by the Queen.

The crowd just sings 'We will, we will rock you' and 'We are the champions, my friend' along with you. Really energising I guess.

Freddie Mercury says that song was written specifically for crown participation. And I am sure he did one hell of a job.

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i find the 'HEY!' in 'youve got to hide you love away' is a great pleaser. a great little campfire song too