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What the ?

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I have been struggling learning the guitar for a couple of years now and I am being totally honest its' a lot harder than I ever imagined ..

Then I find this guy on the net ..

Why learn chords

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Yeah....but can he do it standing on his head, blindfolded?

Seriously though, thats cool.

And it's made me want to give it a try too!

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Uff! Impressive!

And I have troubles with a pentatonic scale...

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Isn't that cool?

I used to want to be reincarnated as an otter, but I've changed my mind. I want to come back as someone who can play guitar like that.


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Is there where we say...." why do I continue to bust myself trying to play simple stuff when this guy can sneeze on his guitar and get more songs than I can when I'm trying to play? "


I love that stuff. I stood up to applaud.


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That was pretty impressive.

Great find and thanks for sharing.


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For that kind of style of playing check out some masters! Don Ross uses this style, so does to some extent Robert Taylor. - Don Ross - Robert Taylor

These are some ridiculously good guitar players...

Zacharias Wolf