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What would you name your band?

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Another name that I had forgotten when thi thread started up was Spurrel Fitzpatrick.

Somewhere down the line, many generations ago, a man with the name Spurrel moved into a catholic town, being a prostetant in those times he couldn't marry the girl he was after. So he changed his name, creating a new one, Spurvey. They got married and started a family. Thus making me a relative of every Spurvey in the world.

Somewhere down the lines in my mothers family, great-great-grandfather or somesuch, there was a man with the last name Fitzpatrick. He was in the Irish Army, and wanted out, so he jumped ship when they docked in St. John's and moved to the Trinity Bay area, changing his last name to Moore.

I would only use this in a solo project though. I think it would be a neat story to tell if someone asked me why I used a stage-name.


That is so cool! I think everyone wants to change his/her name, or considers possibilities. So Mr Spurvey, or Mr Moore what be the name of your solo band?

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That other band

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First I thought about naming a band Led Zeppilin but figured it would never catch on. Recently I thought about the name Pedals but it sounds too feminine. But now at the old age of 40 I would name my band Dicky Doo because lately my belly sticks out farther than my ________ Do!

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king juju and the bee's

the eric heidelstrom science project

airhead and the bubbles

greased monkeys

tattoo parlor

the cartoonish supervillains

wake n shake n bake

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Anal Tap

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Too bad, The Band, was already taken :cry:

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I want to name my band "Numb". There are a lot of connections and stories I have about this word, plus it would just seems like it would sound really cool to me, to walk on stage and say, "Alright, we're Numb" and just start playing.

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