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What's Your Dream Concert Day?

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No I Did'int

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First off, I definately want tickets to all your gigs....

For me, and this was a very difficult decision:
1) Prince
2) Queen
3) Ben Taylor
4) Oasis
5) Beatles

And I want to choose the set lists.

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I need to have a 3 days festival to get my initial list in. But I whittled it down...

Opening: White Stripes for 15 minutes, then joined by Raconteurs

Act 1: Pearl Jam w/ guest Chris Cornell for Hunger Strike, Reach Down and a mashed up version of Times of Trouble/Footsteps*

Fill 1: Clapton & Robert Johnson,half acoustic blues, half electric w/ only bass & drum backing (not EC's 16 piece band)

Act 2: Van Halen w/ both DLR and Hagar

Fill 2: The Clash

Act 3: Jimi w/Band of Gypsys 1st song: Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) and Hear My Train Comin' somewhere in the set list. W/ guests Elmore James (Castles Made of Sand), Buddy Guy (Born Under a Bad Sign), Keith Richards (Stone Free), Steve Vai (Spanish Castle Magic), SRV (Little Wing), Joe Bonnamasa (Voodoo Chile) and Jeff Healey (Red House)

*for those not familiar w/ Times of Trouble (Temple of the Dog) and Footsteps (Pearl Jam), they are musically the same song but have different lyrics. The music was written before Eddie joined and was one of the songs on the demo that led to him joining. In the mean time, Stone and the guys were working on the Temple of the Dog album w/ Chris Cornell and he wrote lyrics to the same music.

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I'm getting paid to play....

Dream concert... this past September when I saw Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath!

Brain-cleansing music for brain-numbing times in a brain dead world

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Opening act: George Harrison
Second act: Jeff Healey
Third act: George Strait
Fourth act: Alan Jackson
Fifth act: The Eagles
Sixth: Dylan
Closing: Tom Petty

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