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Who makes you skin crawl

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Do you have one "artist" I use the term loosley, that you just cant stand to listen to, one that you instantly change the channel when you hear.

I listen to all types of music and the one that gets me these days is
Shina "no talent" Twain............

who's you favorite ''Least Favorite"

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Slipknot, that cuss filled screaming aint music.

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If you've been reading my last few post, you know who i cant stand. Good(for nothing) Charlotte.

Dirty Rotten

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Lots of death metal and overly distorted guitars really turn me off. At some point it just becomes a wall of noise, it's not my bag.

And I tend to be picky about vocalists. I really like Robert Plant's vocals in his Zeppelin days and Freddy Mercury was always awesome. To me, a vocalist sucks if they can't be on par with them.


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I second the Good Charlotte

Celine Dion - Her voice drives me insane. She is the most annoying person ever. I agree that she can sing and has talent and I am not upset that she made it famous, I just literally cringe every time she opens her mouth - nails down a chalkboard, seriously.

Dave Matthews Band - I know, people might jump on me for this one but IMO all of their music sounds the same and I strongly dislike Dave's voice. I was able to just barely stand DMB but then everyone I knew suddenly became a fan. I had a suspicion that many of them are bandwagonning because they were "cool" to like, this only made despising them easier. No offense to anyone who is a fan. I have had several people lecture me on why I should like them. If they were so talented, couldn't they have thought of a better name??

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Good Charlotte isn't THAT bad. I've heard them do some unplugged stuff and they're fairly talented. Very respectable singing really. They're "normal" stuff isn't my cup of tea, but it's not painful, there is certainly a lot worse out there...

I find the fact that folks like Ja Rule and 50 Cent are making a living with music to be very insulting to people who are genuinlely talented.

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Phil Collins
Hoobastank (but only the song The Reason)
Other bands similar to the 2 previous
Boy Bands

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Where shall I begin??

- Shania (Eileen really).
- Bowling for Soup.
- Toby Keith.
- Rupert Holmes.
- Any death metal.
- 99.999 % of (c) rap "music".
- Celine Dion.
- Brittany Spears ( like a spear to the head for me.)
- Dave Matthews (never did like his music)
- Blues Traveller (thankfully absent most of the time).
- Sting.
- New U2.
- Any boy "band".
- Anybody who ever competed on American (or Canadian) Idol.
- Sugar Ray.
- Fountains of Wayne.
- Blink 182.
- Dolly Parton.
- Barbra Streisand (sp?)
- Bette Middler.
- Iron Butterfly.
- Kansas.
- Poison.

Oh, yeah , it was one right.....

I guess that would be good old no talent super boobs herself, Brittany Spears.

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I can't pin it down to one - one thousand, maybe

- 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% of (c)rap
- anyone who takes someone else's classic and uses it as a background for their own miserable lack of talent
- any boy/girl "band" that can only perform with canned music (too many memories of milli vanilli and BoneyM, etc)
- any singer who is of the opinion that they should give you a choice of notes to pick from (Mariah Carey and the whole "warbler" genre)
- Robbie (i've only a small ego) Williams
- any singer who's voice appears to have been deprived of mids and lows - including all the clones of the archetypal Britney Spears.
- any "singer" who's voice appears able to create about 2dB of it's own accord (as "heard" on every Posh Spice record)
- the last two points remind me not to forget, yes, Britney Spears.
- the queen of vile and repulsive insults - Elton John (good songs, good voice, but suffering under the conquest of ego, bile and excessive wealth over a less than average intelligence IMHO).

I think that'll do for starters.

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- Pop-punk genre
- Boring stuff
- Most smooth jazz (i love real jazz, i just dont consider radio jazz to be real jazz)

There really isint all that much that I have to turn off. I like most music. I can even occasionally listen to pop-punk but only if its really quiet and I'm not at all annoyed or angry.

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Almost everything played on commercial radio.

There was one song I heard last year that was pretty good, but I've only heard it once since then, and couldn't find out the title or artist. Even more annoying.

-- Scratch 8)

-- Scratch 8)

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I can't listen to rap. With one exception, Blondes Rapture, which isn't pure rap imho. If it don't have a melody it aint music.

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Plenty of those already named, but let me add Journey.

Of course, Kenny G might "top" Journey on my list except I never listen to smooth jazz stations, so never really have to deal with that syrupy, whiney crap he alleges is music. Too bad my wife likes the stuff ... as well as smooth jazz.

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Well I personally like Rush, but something about Geddy Lee sends my wife practically into a coma. :lol: :lol: Something about his voice, in case you hadn't guessed. I, on the other hand find him somewhat (searching for the correct word)...comforting. Yeah that's it. I don't know, some "artists" are just really liked or really hated, no middle ground. Oh well...

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Pretty much all new music really. Way too much of that to list, but it's a safe bet that if you can see it on MTV or hear it on a new rock or pop station I hate it. Even though I don't like rap, I can for some reason tolerate it. Perhaps it's because I'm exposed to it constantly by people at work that I've developed a tolerance for it. Still don't like it though.

Some bands that when they come on my "Classic Rock" radio station, I get embarrassed (especially if someone else is around) and have to change the station as quickly as possible:

REO Speedwagon
Bad Company
Poison and bands of similar ilk (when and why did these 80s bands become "classic rock" anyway? I must not have received that memo)
Meat Loaf

Truth is, I hardly ever listen to radio anyway, as I just listen to my iPod wherever I go. No commercials and only the music I want to hear.

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