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Feedback welcomed - New song Wolf

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This is an original my daughter just wrote and recorded with her band Vega.

I hope this link works. The name of the song is Wolf. It's the first on the list.

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wow, 6 pages of silliness for "do you think hendrix is good or bad" and zero responses to someone actually posting music... I guess we can chalk that up to this being a guitar forum and no apparent guitar in the track you posted.
anywho, very well produced. voice is on pitch and has nice tone - who could ask for more.
not my genre but I can appreciate.

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Alternative is one of my favourite Genres. I will have to agree with mistermikv, Singing was very well. However I too had some issues with the music it was sung to. In the beginning there is this effect, and it never lowered in volume to allow the singers voice to shine. It tended to drown out the vocals in my opinion. I would have loved to hear more traditional instruments like guitar, bass etc also, But as an "Industrial" genre of music it was very well put together. Great Job!

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