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I sound like I'm ta...
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I sound like I'm talking.

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If I record myself singing, I just sound like I'm talking. It's not as bad as William Shatner, but it's frusterating. I change pitch in the right places, but it still doesn't sound like singing to me. What gives?

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willie nelson has that effect. works for him. anyway, noone really likes their voice when they hear it at first. at least you're on key. you can always try to sing with more inflection, or imitate others, to get some color in it. my chest voice is pretty laid back- very close to talking. if i sing higher, it sounds more like singing, and if i put a lot of emotion or effort into it, it sounds more like singing. it doesn't matter to me, anyway. i don't want to be celine dion. i just like the way it sounds inside my own head.

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I find that different songs elicit different singing styles. If i'm singing a song with a lot of suspended notes, that pass over chord changes, I usually give much looser, blurry, vowel sounds, in order to emphasize the emotion. Super-lyrical songs can be a good place to experiment with word-painting by singing more than talking, depending on what lyric I'm singing.

but an important thing to note, is that if you try to push out all the air that's needed to sing through a "talk shaped throat", you can do a lot of damage to your vocal chords.

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