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Throat Vibrato
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Throat Vibrato

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Can anyone tell me how to develop a good throat vibrato? I've never quite been able to work it out :lol:. Unfortunately, I don't have the money for singing lessons at the moment, but I would like to try and improve.


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If I knew the answer to that I'd botlle it, sell it and retire at Christmas!!!

Seriously, though, are you after the sort of "warble" that Roger Chapman and Demis Roussos used to have? Both of them had high-ish voices for male singers, but both of them had that sort of "vibrato" effect... Chapman slightly gruff in a Joe Cocker sort of vein, Roussos sweeter and a touch higher in pitch....Jon Anderson had a similar vibrato, so whether a high voice is a pre-requisite I don't know.....

I'm guessing it's something they all discovered they could do, found it sound a little different, and practised it till it was second nature....

I have the opposite problem....I have a built in vibrato, trouble is it vibrato's down to Bb and up to F while I'm trying to hold a D......

I'm wondering if it's something to do with diaphragm control rather than throat vibrato? All of the above had powerful voices, came from the stomach... the gut if you prefer....possibly they developed such good diaphragm control that it became second nature?

I dunno about this one....something I'll have to work at.....

:D :D :D


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I am definitely no expert but in a couple of video lessons that I checked out of the library it basically said; Vibrato happens when the right amount of air (for that particular pitch i think) crosses the vocal chords with controlled even breathing. I have attempted it many times with extreemly little success. The videos say not to try to cause vibrato by straining or any type of specific movement, just with controlled air.

I take that to mean that there is no tecnique perse, it happens when your breathing is controlled correctly. I suppose that is a tecnique.

Hope that helps.



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No expert here either but you can create a small amount of vibrato by moving that little muscle directly below your rib cage. Sorry, not sure which one. Its the best I can explain it. It takes some getting used to, in controlling it.

I dont like alot of vibrato in songs so this works for me. But if you are trying to get that strong vibrato sound then I dont know that my suggestion will help.


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there's a vibrato effect that you can get from just moving your adam's apple really quick... it actually feels really easy, once you find it. you probably did it as a kid, making tarzan noises or something. you just have to speed it up and make it shallower. also, singing loud has a tendency to make a vibrato happen subconsiously for me, although i couldn't tell you how to do it.

swallowing a cell phone set on vibrate could work, too.

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swallowing a cell phone set on vibrate could work, too.

I say try that idea. If not for you, then for SCIENCE!

I've read that it is supposed to come naturally, by putting the right amount of air into a note, etc. I have a decent singing vibrato, and I don't MAKE it happen, it just happens. Didn't used to happen though, I think it's because I'm singing with better technique now.

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Yeah, the key really is getting used to adducting your chords then once you have that control vibrato comes naturally. Just keep practicing staying in tune and changing pitch and eventually you'll get it. Good luck.

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Also, you need a relaxed throat if possible, the less tension there is in your throat then the better it will be and the easier it will come.

Good luck.

Pete. :)

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When you've got the right amount of air and you're nice and loose vibrato just happens. Singing without it can hurt your voice.

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I find vibrato is easier to get when I'm singing ''softly''. Simple but effective.