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trying to sing
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trying to sing

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so, I'v ebeen holed up in my closet with some wine, and MP3 player, and a huge desire to be able to sing (baby is asleep and wife is out). A fiend and I have been playing together occasionally but he does all of the singing. I think I can do it, but need to work on it a lot.

I'v ebeen just singing away in there and not really sure what I'm trying to do. A tthis point, I'm just trying to sing from my diaphragm instead of my throat, and sing with emotion. also trying to stay in pitch, but I'm not really sure what that even means.

Been reading some posts here and from what I can tell, its a lot like playing barre chords (it seems impossible at first, but if you keep practicing and practicving, you finally "get it".

I'm checking out some of the links too that people hav eposted as help. Some of you that have posted recoridings are actually very good.

At this point I'm really trying to find a song or two that "fit my voice".
I guess then I'll record it and see how rediculous it sounds.

I thin I have what it takes: desire. doesnt sound like theres much more to it than that. No real questions here. just reading and venting.

thanks in advance to anyone tha tposted anyting helpful that I'll read.

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Go easy on the wine... the more you have, the better you "think" you sound.
Maybe 1 or 2 small glasses to relax but any more will only be to your detriment

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Learning to breath properly is important.

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get the art of body singing book. it is just about the best thing for really learning how to sing. he doesnt teach style, just opening up your body to resonate and exersizes to sing on key, from there work on tone by copying people you like. (for me it was ben harper, james taylor and Doc Watsons singing)