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My world w2 y 4

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Maybe we ought to start a thread about PC in the Tea House (I refuse to call it the C****e House....)

:D :D :D


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Pardon the interuption. I'll say my piece and go away.

I agree with the swearing and all, save it for the locker room, etc. However, wouldn't a song that speaks out against the PC police actually NEED swearwords in it? I mean, that's the songwriter's way of defiance against the PC. A way of challenging or mocking them.

As promised, I'm out.

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if you don't start it I will Vic ......


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Good Job.

I too would consider leaving out the swearing
or at least save it for the final chorus.
That way it would have some impact. As you
have it written it's over kill.

A good example of this would be John Lennon's
Working Class Hero. He uses the "F word" but
only once. This makes it stand out and helps you
feel his anger and frustration.


I have to go with Pbee and celt on this one. Very good effort :D just needs a little work, could be a good one 8) --the dog

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I agree with RParker

If this is about political correctness and how the world we live in is changing with the very sensive subjects such as political correness then surely there must be swearing in it to have a rebelous theme to it ..

As for Rocket Girl brining in the it's only for the boys argument .. Girls night out .. ever heard of it ? were are the boys ? Please .. this is not about male verse female I see it more of the rights of grown men to display what ever they want on their locker doors . Hilch already said that no-one other then the men that work there have ever entered the room since he was 15 , so why do these men have to pull them down ? answer easy it's not politically correct ... so what who cares ...

Women passing wind in public is that polically correct ? I guess not because they always seem to blame someone else for it ...

Lotto get with the times man swearing in songs all around you man ... listen to modern music instead of that 1940's rubbish your currently listening to ...

please ...WE ARE ON THE EVE OF DISTRUCTION ... caused by those who govern us ...

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i'm not trying to be rude... but i thought this song was more comical. all this anti-political correctness stems from somebody taking down a nudie picture... it's so silly a start that when your message broadens to political correctness it makes you look like you're attacking a whole movement to save a crumbled piece of paper with a naked girl on it. HOWEVER.. if he is being attacked, and this song is attacking back... to have an understood defense in it would be really interesting. give the speaker pride. the whole "i'm just bald" makes you feel sorry for the character, but it doesn't win you supporters, it wins you sympathisers. praise the nude picture and stop degrading yourself and you will have a very interesting stance... in my opinon.

as for cussing... do it with style.

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