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SSG2 - Week 14 - si...
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SSG2 - Week 14 - silly putty

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Well, this song is on the positive, optimistic side (in contrast to all the dark, lonely songs I've read here so far - which were very good, by the way)

silly putty


Vibrant Green

Walking barefoot in the morn
Through the dewy grass.
Feel my toes take root and hold
Reaching to my past.
Stretching to my family
We're an intertwining tree.
Sink into the sunny greenness
Let this moment last.

New and fresh
Fresh and clean
Clean and growing
Vibrant green.
                      (entire chorus x 2)

Yesterday, my son was born
With a pure, green soul.
Has a big, blank book of life
To fill as it unfolds.
Everywhere he looks he sees
Doors of opportunities.
And upon his worldly stage
He plays the starring role.

Here on Earth we make our home
Land of green we share.
Work together, make things better
Let us show we care.
If you try, in any place
You're sure to find a happy face.
Green is hope and green is vibrant
Spread it everywhere

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Makes me think of renewal, rejuvenation, spring.  
I liked the verse about the son.  I have 2 little ones, and the big, blank book of life runs through everything i write, where they are referenced

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Hi SP,

This is very nice.  I really like it, and can't think of anything I would change.  I had thought to do something for this assignment regarding green and rejuvination, but it didn't work for me.  It certainly did for you though.

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Thanks, Denim_tonque and scratchmonkey.

Yeah, at first I was considering going with a green-jealousy theme, but then I decided to go the happy-new life route.

- SP