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The Age Song

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I wrote the melody a day before my 18th birthday, which was not so long ago. Actually it was a week ago. Here's what I wrote, but I could'nt finish it.
I know that this is a personal song and I have to write it myself, but I would really appreciate your elp and suggestions.

The Age Song

I need a shave every day or two
I'm growing older
I'm so concerned which way to choose
The time is getting closer
[this is only half of the verse - there must be 4 more lines]

I know
My soul
Is never to be old

I got
A child
Inside my mind

Ve: ....

Help if you can!

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

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Hey George,

I think you're looking for the Song Writing Forum... this is the Sunday Songwritters Group. Each Sunday we're given a new assignment to stretch our song writting abilities. The next assignment will be posted later today if you're interested.

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