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Week 41 - A few fri...
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Week 41 - A few friends of mine

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i dont know why i came up with this idea...but i really hope it worked!please tell me what you think..its kind of a poem but could easily be a song

I've got a few friends, they are all colours of the rainbow
So when I need a certain something I know exactly where to go
And each one is defined by their shine and their glow
And when they show their colours, that's when I know
Who they are

Firstly there's my Red Friend, well she's a bit of everything
You never know what feeling she's likely to give
Whether it's red faced anger or warm hearted love
She like a time bomb just waiting to go off

Then there's my Yellow Friend who can always make me smile
Have a safe conversation and everyone's alright
And she can keep a secret unlike the other guys
Always out to please me, she's constantly nice

Next there's my Green Friend who just seems to stare at me
With her jealous eyes that set on me like leaser beams
Paying attention to my movements cause she wants my place
But her world will soon turn grey, once she realises..
Who I am

I also have a blue friend, he's one of life's ‘victims'
When I try to shed some light on his dim outlook on things
He says I'm being patronising, making him feel small
So I suggest he give my Yellow Friend a call

How could I forget about my Pink and Orange Friend
When I need some fun she's the one so loud and vibrant
Every time we meet up, the laughter has no end
But she's the type of girl who could drive you round the bend

Finally there is my White Friend who I talk to, to get a little peace
I don't know if he's real but he sure feels real to me
Out of them all, he is my one true friend…. and I cant tell you why
But he just sits on the end of the rainbow and blends into the sky
And watches us go by

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hey guitargeek!
i like your idea... it's really good!
it does seem to be a bit more like a poem than song but your right, it probably could easily be a song...
but yes, i like the way you used the colours to describe friends...

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The rhyme scheme isn't the same for every stanza, but it comes off reeally well, IMHO. And I'm not trying to be generous so you won't think I'm dirty about the cricket, it works well. Sort of reminds me of a more feet-on-the-ground, less New Age-y working out of the idea in Jimi's Bold as love, from the album of almost the same name.

What sort of musical thing do you have in mind here?

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Hey GG,

Welcome back!

I'm not usually a fan of "formula songs" (you know, like in this case where each verse is a friend and a colour), but for a formula song this is quite good. It is well thought out and acutally means something (something which never happens when I try something along the same lines).

I liked the back reference to the yellow friend in the verse about the blue friend. That was a nice touch.

I agree with your opening paragraph, seems to be more of a poem, which is fine, but if you're planning on putting it to music, there are a few lines I think feel a bit ackward, such as:
Every time we meet up, the laughter has no end

One typo in the word laser, but you get mega bonus points for using an 's' instead of a 'z'.... science geek pet peave :) .

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