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y4week32 the perfect escape

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there goes...

The perfect escape

A stranger's request to force a smile
A relative's disgust at your hair style
Things have their weight for juveniles

A feeling like you're paranoid
A doctor labelling you a hypocrite
Things have their weight for juveniles
But I
Found the perfect escape

I explain myself away with Jekyll & Hyde
They're the ideal excuse
Novels work as a disguise, too
They're the right tinge of virtue
And less dangerous than scribbling in notebooks

They never get you
They never let you

Yes, but today.. it's a different kind of escape

I arrange myself in a way that fits the shade
So the scenery won't betray me
And they'll never see the look on my face
As I wait for someone to stray
As I wait for something to say
And the moon reclaimed the sky, it's getting late
You haven't called
But I long devoured the bait
I was starving
Now it's hurting
May I puke on that passenger's shoes
Or all over our lives' blue print
May it mean to let down my guard
And again rely on coincidence
Oh, right now, it's strange, I feel like giving myself away

a little bit confused maybe... anyways...
comments are welcome as usual :wink:


"oh, eventually it will break your heart" - anders wendin

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Hi Blue

Confused is OK especially from where this song seems to be coming from.

Good start I like the opening verse a lot. Seems to then veer off in a completely different direction. First part seems to be about someone appearing to be Ok in the claustrophobia of family gatherings and then appears to be about a jilted lover.

Must admit I got a bit lost.

I'd probably split this into two songs and develop each in a bit more of a linear fashion.

Good start though

Bob :wink:

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