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Yr 6 Wk 4 - The Pai...
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Yr 6 Wk 4 - The Pain Gets less

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Song two this week as the first one (No News Is Bad News) didn't meet the assignment criteria.

The Pain Gets Less (if you walk away)

the pain gets less if you walk away
I heard this old lag say
to his audience at the corner table
kind of cosy, nice and snug
enveloped by a fog
from his cigarette and pump room clichés
in the pub on the pier
of an old lost causeway

his hand was resting on the arm
of a young and desperate man
with all the charm of a friendly teacher
the young guy'd come to get advice
to help him fix his life
he'd a wife, kids and bills were mounting
hoping for a helping hand
he listened to this beer-soaked man tonight

I overheard the platitudes
familiar with the line he used
heard it back in college days
when dropping out was all the rage
evening lights were shining on the harbour
mum at home coping with the children's hunger

the pain gets less if you walk away
again the craven phrase
at the table eyes were glazing over
be like us man, walk away
drop the pace, quit the race
there's no prizes for Mr. Nice Guys
"responsibilities and duties"? don't make me laugh
we dropped those ideas in the sixties
like paisley flairs

but he's out of work and the bills are mounting
and very soon they'll be in need of housing
years ago when we changed the order
did we throw our babies out with the bathwater?

the pain gets less when you walk away
that day my neighbour said
as his plane left the airport runway
nothing I fought for now remains
I'm off to live in Spain
for the rest of my days
I fought for freedom in the war
not thugs and lewd graffiti'd walls
I'm out of here

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that is prety good man I like it! :D