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First Guitar?

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Just wondering how many of you still have your first guitar? I'm going to be acquiring an acoustic/electric to upgrade my S6+ (less an upgrade than a sideways-grade to a Takamine with built in electronics). Originally, I thought that I'd be ok with selling the guitar to recoup some of the costs of this new guitar, but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I can really let it go. :)

Anyhow, just wondering what you all did with your first guitar?

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I thought I would keep my first guitar for sentimental reasons if nothing else, but I sold it after picking up my first "good" guitar. I just felt that it was a waste of a guitar to have it sit around unused when someone could do what I did with it, mainly fall in love with playing acoustic guitar.

And they did. :D


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I keep my first guitar for sentimental reasons and also it is a good guitar (a nylon string Ramírez) and different to my new Epi LP. It has some intonation problems but sounds great.

I don't know... I sold my first computer (a Z80-based), really I changed it for my second one, and I was regretting the decision more than 25 years... :cry:

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my first guitar...a stagg acoustic will stay with me forever...mainly sentiment but i still love playing it 8)

since got myself a washburn WD52SW and a Yamaha F310.....The Washburn is my 'sunday best' and the Yammy will travel :P

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my first guitar was a 65 fender mustang. ok for a noob. but no. it is long gone. a 65 fender mustang.
stupid me traded it for an acoustic twelve string. I painted sun rays and flowers on it.
hey, it was the a long time ago.

now I have a hard time parting with my guitars.

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My first guitar was an Ibanez EX and I sold it for the value of a new one. I loved that guitar but that guy just offered me too much for it, so I had to let it go. I wonder where it is now.

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Yes I still have my first guitar
A acoustic guitar from the (discontinued) swedish manufacturer Bjärton.
From the early 60´s.
00 size solid spruce top with 12 fret narrow neck (same width as normal dreadnought).
Still sounds good and is very easy to play with the type of strings that I use, Thomastik-John Pearse® Silver Plated/Nylon Wound Guitar Strings

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my first guitar committed suicide by ripping itself to pieces... True story.

The bridge was snapped along the line of bridge pins and was gradually lifting

One day the string tension ripped the bridge off, along with a big chunk of the top.... It was only a cheapy so not worth repairing.

I haven't had any other guitars that have taken their own life, so i must be improving, at least :wink:

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I still have the first guitar I bought. It's a 1980 Sigma DM-18. It still has an awesome sound.


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I have a hard time imagining that I'll ever sell my first guitar, it's a pretty good samick telecaster, plenty good guitar. I can see where if it became redundant I would sell it just for space, but before I buy something that might be better, I'm due for a nice accoustic guitar first, and I don't see that purchase happening in the next year though I've had some close brushes with accoustics in the past (one I would have absolutely bought if I was in my home state but I was havin to spend a lot of money that month and the shop didn't have a case for it at the time). But, once I have a nice keyboard, a quality bass amp, a nice accoustic guitar, perhaps another instrument that might suit my fancy squeezed in there somewhere, then I might buy some super nice electric guitar, but then only if I'm actually playing on a professional basis.

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My first (present from Dad) was a 12 string (right handed) sears silvertone.
i have no idea what happened to it, wish i still had it tho :(


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my first was a piece of junk no name electric i paid 20 bucks for 8)

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Jeezus - can't remember what happened to my first guitar - tanglewood 28 - but I know it didn't cost much and the sound was amazing - everyone commented on how good it was! Looking back (now I've moved up in guitars) I still wish I had it :cry:

Don't ever get rid of your first guitar - it was the one you cut your teeth on...

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My first is my only, I'm so eager to get rid of it!
Boy, did I take the wrong road with classical...


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I'm still using a horrible Squire Stratocaster, it's about 7 years old now.
I'm saving up for an Ibanez Iceman though :D

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