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Now, this is probab...
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Now, this is probably why I need a teacher or a coach

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Keep it up, this really is one of those things that gets easier with practise. In fact, it should be easier to perform a full barre at the 7th fret than it is at the 1st fret because you're not pushing against the whole length of the string.

Well now, isn't that weird! I was always really bad at Fmaj (wasn't everybody!?), and I still use the 2 finger version mostly, but now I can easily make the full barre. The only think I am wondering, and I may be off the planet, but isn't the action higher towards the bridge down the neck? Could that be my difficulty?
...I'd suggest using your ring finger to fret the 5th string, and your 4th finger to fret the 3rd string; it gives you the space to fret that chord in comfort and means you can get your index finger to go straight across the neck without encroaching on the frets.

Yes, that's what I do. And the problem is that my ring finger is so short, and to not be able to come to the 5th string at even close to a 90* angle. To make the 7th fret barre, I have to position my index finger diagonally, and roll it towards the headstock. I'm telling you, I have weird fingers! Why won't anybody believe me!? *sob* sniff* *sob* :cry:


Here's my hand...

It is difficult to answer when one does not understand the question.

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