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there Was a man.......
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there Was a man..... (who made it big)

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this is my 1st song that ive made words for i mostly just do guitar stuff and put it on guitar pro then add bass and drums,etc.

its about a small town guy who had no one then suddenly after making it big everyone is after him and all this causes to much stress so he does the suicide thing kinda like how i think people like kurt cobain felt

there was a man...... (who made it big)
verse 1
there was a man,
thought he figured out the road
thought he new what paths to take
so many hearts did he break

he walked outside cuz he didnt know where
the only thing he wondered
was how to get there
(how to get there)

his life cut short and it wasnt fair
the only thing he wanted was for her to be there

verse 2
down that winding path
upset people and photographs
he started small and she didnt care
always said youd
go no where
he made it big and she was always there
couldnt keep her away

to chorus then guitar solo

verse 3
all the stress and all the pressure
layed his life on that stretcher
he couldnt go back
couldnt move forward
too hard to live
he killed himself and put an end to the world


tell me what you think, thanks

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I cannot seem to get a good tune going when I sing it aloud, but your lyrics and setup are great.

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interesting premise here though the words feel a little bare bones maybe a little too simple in my opinion. I like the concept but thought the phrasings could have been more creative.

"Join the crazed institution of the stars... be the man that you think you really are... and you can wear a crown of roses around your cranium, live and die upon your cross of platinum..."