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Doh....the G string...
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Doh....the G string breakage factor....

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Is it just me, or does anyone else break the high g string on a 12 string? I have snapped two of them already.....and I just got the guitar about a week ago. Anyone know where I can purchase just replacement g strings? (guitar strings that is..... :wink: )

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Google something like single guitar strings. You'll get a load of answers.

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Just go to your local music store. I'm sure you can buy single strings there just as I do.

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The high G on a twelve string is the thinnest and it's also stretched the longest (okay, tied with the regular D, but you know what I mean), so it's bound to break a lot.

But do yourself a favor and check where it breaks. If it's constantly breaking in the same spot, it might mean that you've got a small burr in your saddle or nut, which can usually be taken care of easily and will give your high G a somewhat longer lease on life.

Check out anyone's twelve string case and chances are if they've been playing a while you'll see two or three extra .008s or .009s in it. I usually buy two or three every other time I'm in a music store just to keep some on hand.


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New 12 string, 1 week old just broke the high G string last night. Thought I was a dufus. This is the first string I have broken while tuning. Glad I'm not the only one. Will buy spares when I go to town

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Strange thing about G strings, they always seem to me that they go out of tune quicker, break sooner, or just have some sort of issue. I have replaced several G's on my new bass. I think (hope) I have the issue fixed. After the last one broke, I took all the strings off and went over all the metal pices on the guitar with a fine tooth comb. I smoothed some rough edges in several places and buffed here and there with a dremel tool. I just put a new set of thicker strings on and am waiting for the neck to adjust a little. Then I will reset the neck relief, action and what-not. I just hope the G holds then.

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