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How many guitars do...
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How many guitars do you own?

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I've never seen this posted, and I have just found myself owning 4 guitars, acoustic, solidbody electric, hollowbody electric!, and classical. In trying to fit them all into my room, with my bed and desk, I realized that besides space requirements, I love having different guitars, and I can easily imagine happily owning a shopsworth of axes.

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I own three: and Acoustic, a Classical, and an Electric that I just bought earlier this week.

My space is limited so I got a wall hanger to hang up my Classical (being the lightest).

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Currently, I've got 7
two electrics, two accoustics (one twelve string), a classical, and a bass

I've got six of them hanging on the wall at all times. I'm usually playing the seventh.

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Five in all (6 if you count the one i have on layaway)
4 electrics..a hamer, a fender stratocaster, a peavey predator, an old Marlin,
and one Ibanez PF series 6 string

(the one on layaway is an Ibanez PF series acoustic 12 string)

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Today just 2 (acoustic and solid) since I had a few stolen and am getting ready to buy a semi-hollow.

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I'm the proud owner of two guitars. A modified US Fender Strat, and a Yamaha something or other Accoustic. Another Electric coming soon, the Ibanez Jem7V. Also considering a Martin 12 String Accoustic, but that'll be at the end of the year.

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4. 2 acoustic, 2 electric. 5 if you include the bass.

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Currently 2, technically 4 if you count the two basses. A 1996 squire, and a 25 year old yamaha acoutsic. The basses are a 2 year old affinity p-bass and a 1982 Peavey patriot.

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never enough :wink:

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A quick look round my music room says

there's my Alhambra 4P Classical
my Les Paul copy
a Washburn D13S accoustic
my old B&M Classical
my no-name Strat lookalike (wish it sounded-alike)
and a recently acquired Martin Backpacker

there's also

my son's Encore bass
his Encore Strat-lookalike (it sounds-more-alike than mine too)
his no-name but sounds good Classical

The first guitar I ever had is up in my bedroom - action a mile high and feels like it's made out of solid oak. Sentimental value prevents me throwing it out

And my 12-string accoustic - stripped down for 6 strings at the moment - is in my girlfriend's lounge.

So, eight of mine and three of Mike's.

I don't think it's that many, but visitors usually say "haven't you got a lot of guitars"


A :-)

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2 - sortof:

The one I actually own is an epiphone classical guitar

Then there's the one I stole - uh I mean borrowed indefinately :wink: - from my brother - a yamaha something or other electric guitar

:) Portia

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I own five,

A 1974 Gibson Les Paul Classic
A 1971 Stratocaster
1982 Fransiscan Flat top acoustic
A Guild Dreadnaught Acoustic (Blonde) My favorite
and a Fender acoustic

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Although I've purchased four guitars since I started playing earlier this year, I only have two in my possession - an Epiphone DR100VS acoustic and an Ibanez GAX70TR electric, both of which I absolutely love.

The first one I even bought was a Squier Bullet electric, and I got bored with that rather quickly. Not a bad guitar but not terribly versatile. Gave it to a friend who plays but didn't have an electric and replaced it with a Yamaha Pacifica. That was a pretty nice guitar for the price, but the tone control busted on it pretty quickly, and while I was trying to figure out how to fix it, I ended up buying the Ibanez. Of course, then I was able to fix the Yamaha, so it's now living at another friend's house so he can learn on it. The Epi came along somewhere in the middle of all that. :)

(waiting for Nick to post that darn picture again...) :D

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I'll have to take the fifth amendment or plead insanity. I'm crazy about all Guitars.

As many as my heart desires. I lost count years ago, consider any Guitar an investment in the future.


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I have 3. I no-name strat look alike. Cort M200 (Essentially a PRS look alike) and a Washburn. I am thinking of adding a Ibanez RG350dx to the line-up. Just because I hate the Whammy bar on the strat.

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