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How many guitars do...
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How many guitars do you own?

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Gary J Foreman
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I have four guitars and hang them on the walls

2 strats - 80's MIJ'62 RI and 80's MIJ squire
2 les pauls - Jay Turser and Epi goldtop

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there's no mate has eleven in his house but denies they are all his and says some are his wifes!

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Currently own 5 guitars

Yamaha SG-2000 (my main baby)
Ibanez RG-550 (hot pink with 2 Dimarzio and a Burns Tri-sonic Pickup)
Takamine 12 String acoustic
Alvarez Classical
Student Classical

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I own Three. A cheap classical one that I learned on, An Acoustic Fender Dreadnaught DG-10, and a squier Strat. Im currently saving up to get a Gibson Les Paul

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I own 2 right now.

An ESP Mirage Custom (late 80's early 90's) - the green goblin
A USA Fender strat - tex -mex thing (alsofat strat?) - I hate calling strats anything other than strats. Screw the tex-mex, fat strat, deluxe, yada yada yada crap - it's a damned strat man, play it.

Looking to add either a decent aucoustic or may a Line 6 variax aucoustic. Also, want a Tele. Oh yeah, and a Carvin bolt kit guitar (great pricing).

Oh yerah, and anything else I can get my hands on that wont end up getting sold for 1/3 of it's value because I need to pay something stupid like a cable bill. that was the old days....

If I had a guitar for every guitar I've had....

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Two for the time being... :twisted:

A Fender DG10LH Acoustic and my new to me tele kit guitar. There is a strat in my future though, just don't know how far off it is.

English one
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How many guitars? Too many and not enough!

my old B&M Classical
my no-name Strat lookalike (wish it sounded-alike)
and a recently acquired Martin Backpacker

there's also

my son's Encore bass

Interesting. I have an old B&M Classical (which I adore) and an Encore Bass (which I despise).

Total is 5, well 3 guitars and 2 Bass's;

1983 Westone Thunder 1
1971 BM Classical
Vantage Dreadnought

Tanglewood Jaz Bass (just bought yesterday)
Encore Short Scale

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I just have one, but she's all I need for the time being at least :)

It's an Ibanez gax30. It was only $120, but it plays and handles oh so sweet. The only thing is the input jack comes loose, but that's not such a big deal.

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I currently have 5, a fender bass guitar, 2 acoustics and two electrics, i just got a new Jackson last week, it rocks, i play it all the time now, gonna name it, lol, i used to have a classical guitar as well.

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Three guitars:

* 12 string electric fender statocaster double fat strat (twin humbuckers)
* Gibson Les Paul Standard (red sparkle top) with Grover Tuners
* Epiphone Les Paul Ltd with Grover tuners

and i am missin my tele .... :cry:

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Nick Torres
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the ones I play most of the time are

Taylor 712ce, which I just put down.
Martin Jumbo KWS signature
Fylde Orsino
Gibson J185EC
1968 Martin 12 string
1965 Grammer

Brian Moore I series midi guitar
79 Fender HM strat

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Line6 Variax 500

Regal Bass (J-bass style)

89' Yamaha Acoustic

69' Univox Deluxe (LP style)

aka Izabella

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Topic starter  

the variax, I remember reading a review on that, pretty cool guitar

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i have 4

electrics - fender nashville tele, ibanez gax 70 (first guitar), and an epiphone SG that i picked up used for 100 bucks and its plays awesome.

and i own 1 acoustic, a washburn 6 string dreadnaught that i play constantly

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i have 5....currently a no name acoustic....that is just no name strat look-alike.....a miniature nikko (obviously no-name) guitar that i bought of of ebay for like 80 dollars....i got hassled....and my yamaha bass buitar i got from a friend for 50 dollars....and i nylon string classical guitar i got sounds pretty good..... pretty much i dont relaly have anything worth playing....but i've been saving up for something worth it.....savings are nearing a grand now....mouth waters just thinking aobut what i can get....

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Four is a good number thats what I own:

1973 Fender Stratocaster ( My Baby bought her brand new)
198? Sigma DM 3 ( Needed an acoustic thought I'd never afford a Martin)
1974 Martin D 18 ( I was wrong My wife found a really sweet deal)
2003 Gibson SG ( Another sweet deal too good to pass up)

I also Have my Brother-in-Law's 196? Atlas electric which resides with me. This is a funky blue fiberglass body guitar that I think was made by Supro.
Great conversation piece and fun to play slide on.


PS Read this as somebody's Quote on some other guitar site;

"How many guitars does one man need?"
"Just one more"

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