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Owning a club

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These people are right. My mom owned a bar/restaurant while I was growing up, and it's an all day everyday thing.

One thing that should be stressed here, is that EVERYONE WILL STEAL FROM YOU. Also, good managers are hard to come by, and their using temporary when you find them. You can't leave anything up to managers, they're there merely as a symbol of authority, and every day you aren't there, the next you will have to clean up after all of the managers mistakes. A lot of the time my mom would have a manager and still have to go in to fill the odd jobs, like bartending, waiting, cooking, washing dishes, busing, and just handling the cumbersome drunk people that will always be around.

My mom told me she went into business thinking that most people were fundamentally honest, and just a few years in realized that there are few people you can trust to both do something right and not screw you over while doing it.

Anyways, fair warning, and GOODLUCK!!!

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I agree with Saber, My mom and Uncle worked in this business for over 40 years, and they were always on. I've been a bartender in a lot of places(dives and good places) and I kinda take offense that all bartenders are corrupt, a lot are I'm sure, but I wasn't one of them. I think you've got a great idea and agree that a good start would be to work in one your self. There used to be a lot of GOOD blues bars in Pittsburgh, but unfortunately a lot of them ended up closing due to the age of the owners and no one to keep it going, you might try to look in this area!

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