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songs best for 12!

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closer to the heart-Rush

Thanks Dudes!
Keep on Rockin'


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I play 12-string, too, (don't you just love the full, round sound?) and I would recommend.....

Just about anything by the Byrds (Turn, Turn, Turn, Mr. Tambourine Man, their entire repertoire!) or Crosby Stills Nash & Young (Helpless pops into my mind and I'm sure there are more). There's some Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven (originally written for both 6 & 12-string), Song Remains The Same), and Bob Dylan (The Times They Are A-Changing, Don't Think Twice, lots more). There's an amazing plethora of songs specifically written for 12-string, but, to paraphrase what someone else said, if you can play it on a 6-string, you can play it on a 12! (Except that fingerpicking is definitely NOT a simple thing! I can't do it except on my 6-strings, but I've been told (but never witnessed) that it can be done!)

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Richie Sambora does a lot of stuff on the 12 string, the most famous being Wanted Dead or Alive. The acoustic version of Living on a Prayer is a nice simple one that can also be made more "complicated" by introducing runs and licks. Living on a prayer acoustic is also played tuned down half a step, which is a bonus if you have tuned your 12-string down.

I've noticed that Richie usually plays a double-neck guitar and does most of the rhythm work on the 12-string neck but the solo stuff (apart from various licks and leads during the verses/chorus) on the 6-string neck.

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How about these songs by Goo Goo Dolls -

1.Give a little bit. (which is a cover song by them of the Supertramps)


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Testify -SRV, the coolest 12 string song out there :P

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slow and steady wins the race by pedro the lion

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QOTSA has a great track called "Mosquito Song" off Songs for the Deaf.

Easy Am, C, E progression with cool, easy open string pull-offs in the Am.


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