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How many here own both a acoustic and electric guitars?

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2 electrics, 2 acoustics, and 1 acoustic-electric. At least 80 % of my time is spent on the acoustic-electric, usually unplugged. One of the acoustics doesn't get played anymore. It was never a good fit for me. I'm thinking of selling it or donating it to a school program. The other acoustic is an old beater played only on camping trips. My personal playing is mostly fingerstyle. Most of the time on the electrics is to accompany my community chorus.

I also have an acoustic mandolin. It gets very little attention.


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My Guild, an old classical, a very old 12 string beater for open tunings only.....acoustics. Oh ya, a 5 string banjo.

A Strat, an Epi LP a cheapo reso which has mini humbucker type pickups.........

Right now I play mostly electric.

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A steel, a nylon, a 12 string, a semi hollow electric and a bass. Bass for church but most of my playing is on nylon. However lately its been the steel.

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A half dozen electrics...I think, and a dozen acoustics. I used to play acoustic exclusively, but now I'm probably reaching 50/50

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I used to play acoustic exclusively, but now I'm probably reaching 50/50

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What if I was playing my acoustic guitar amped with effects. Then it can be counted as two in one ? 8)

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