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John Fogerty

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I've seen Fogerty a few times live, and he is always just amazing.

What's really great about his stage presence is that he knows just exactly how cool his tunes sound. He would just stand on one foot, lean up against the stage speakers and nod knowingly at the crowd while he ripped through his riffs.

It came across as him saying "yeah, this is the coolest sounding guitar i've ever heard too!" He was just digging it as much as the crowd was.

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LMAO @ Tracker.....but yes, I'm still here.....

apparently the tickets were sold just before we got there....and we were half-an-hour late......OK, we got our money back and a little extra, but still....major let-down!

Oh and as for the N. American tour....I mis-read the dates!!!! Or rather, the year.....I just assumed that a fall tour would come after a spring tour...

Ah well...there's always next time.....


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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Ah, I didn't realize the tickets were to be held at the box office. I imagined that you had looked in your jacket only to find them missing. Perhaps I'm growing too cynical in my old age!

I looked at the website. It appears that Fogerty tends to mount only regional tours with limited dates. But maybe he'll start a North American tour soon to promote the new album. (How is it? Has anyone heard it? Very little fanfare, it seems). I think plans for the fall season are just now being formulated by various groups. Both McCartney and the Stones are supposed to be touring but there've been precious few details announced.

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You'll get your chance again Vic

Be excellent to each other & party on dudes!

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I've always been a fan of CCR.
I guess I can thank my parents for listening to them a lot when I was a kid.
You're lucky to see Fogerty.

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Two British dates - and that's twice as many as last year! And one of them's sold out already....Glastonbury, that is. So - London, Wembley Arena, 22nd June. Let's see if I can make it this time!

Last year - 2006, that is - he played one night in London. It was the night before my step-son's wedding. There was absolutely no way I could have got back from London and got to the wedding for 9AM, so I missed out again!

Let's hope this year is third time lucky!!!

Mind you, I did get to see him on Jonathon Ross's show - he played 3 songs, so that was some consolation!!!!

Thanks for the link, Rodders!!!

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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Vic, I'm sorry that you missed that concert. :(

He is pretty cool. And an inspiration to guitarists on all levels.
He's got great sounding stuff that's pretty easy to pick up, and if you know a lot and get bogged down, he can be
a breath of fresh air to 're-discover'.

Yeah, gettin' sued because one of your new songs sounds like one of your old songs???????????? :?

Not to rub it in Vic, I have seen him twice in concert myself.
The first time he came out playing a red Strat. And as much as I'm a Strat guy, I was really dissapointed because,
Fogerty's not.
He played a bunch of his new stuff with that guitar. Then he announced that he would please us all with some oldies.
This is of course when I got excited and sat up a little bit - if not stood up!
He took off the Strat and handed it to a roadie and I said - He's gotta either be gettin' a Rick. or his 57 Black Beauty!!!!
He didn't let me down :D
The roadie came back with the Black 57 Les Paul from the CCR days, AND some HUGE stack. I have no idea what it was.
It was really big tho, and very old looking. This is the set up he used for all the CCR stuff, then went back to the red Strat.
A great experience :D


One of those embarrassing stories that all moms tell about their kids - My ma tells this story that when I was around 2 years
old, I found one of their CCR albums, took it out of the sleeve, and took a huge bite out of it.
By the time she found me sitting in the corner, I had a mouth full of black goo that she said made my mouth black for
weeks :roll:
I don't know what album it was - by the time I got into "listening" to their albums - they still had Cosmo Factory - Thank Goodness.... :lol:
I have to hear that tale every time I go down to Chicago for Christmas

Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll get to see him soon.


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begins to live more simply without"
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