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Your Favorite Guitarists

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I'll add Noodles to my list. Love his riffs and his tone.

Kermit The Frog, he makes the guitar sing playing Kokomo. Did you know he's also a lefty?

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Have you seen the Kermitt and Brad Paisley video on You tube ?

And Kermitt is playing right handed in this video ..

He could ammidextrious ....After all he is a FROG ....

Brad Paisley is fast becoming popular in my house after that fishing song then he backed that one up with a song about booze

My kind of song writer

I'm gunna miss her ...

.........double space ..........

I am aso known as Barnabus Rock ...Hilch ....ummmm yeah thats it

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It depends what we're talking about, if we're talking solely technique then I like players like Zack Wylde, David Gilmour, Kirk Hammett. If we consider songwriting too then i'd have to add James Hetfield, John Frusciante and Dave Grohl too. I've really gotten into Tom Morello also, not just for his unique way of getting different sounds out of a guitar, but also the amazing riffs he comes up with (I enjoy the way he uses the Whammy pedal as well).


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