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Slide instruction for standard tuning.

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I've tried my best to play slide in standard tuning,but I end up stinking at it.I'm best at Open G and Open D,but when it comes to playing slide in standard tuning,I suck big time.Are there any tabs or internet instructions for playing slide in standard tuning?

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sliding in standard is the same thing as using your fingers. same strings and frets.
the slide describes bends in a different voice. the trick is being fast or nimble enough
in moving the slide to where you would have put your finger.
the lick or scale shapes remain the same.
the stumble is in the head. half the battle is being able to play a lick with fingers.
how come it is harder with a slide? everybody is befuddled at first.
keep at it and learning quickens. cause you already know the scale and shapes and intervals.

long story short, I don't know of any on line writen links. :oops:

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Kirk Lorange has released an instructional DVD on slide guitar in regular and drop-D tuning, as well as offering free lessons on his forum - search around on his website and you should find links to them -

I believe Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule guitarist Warren haynes also has an instructional DVD out on slide in regular tuning, but don't know about online lessons.

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Warren Haynes, "Guide to Slide Guitar."

It comes in tab with MP3 examples. The DVD doesn't show as much as you can learn from the book...I own both.

I recommend it highly...

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Thanks for remembering my DVD, Steinar. The best link is

I've been playing in Standard for decades now.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Don Felder (the man who wrote Hotel California) on stage in Calgary for SRV's "Pride and Joy". My sister filmed my solo (in standard tuning) on her camera. Here is the YouTube link:

Here's another example of slide, this time with the bass string down to D, so, almost standard:

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Nice of you to drop in and give us a few pointers, Kirk, especially as you've got your own website to run and music to make - one of these days, I will get around to buying the Slide in standard and dropped D package.

I started playing standard tuning slide because, basically, I was too lazy to keep tuning and re-tuning between songs - soon figured out that the D G and B strings were the same in standard tuning as they were in open G, which I keep at least one guitar tuned to.

Then I picked up a few tips from "Guitar For Beginners And Beyond" - Kirk's site - that helped a lot. Powerchords, sus 4ths, etc - all tantalising glimpses into the possibilities. Helped me a lot, anyway. It's where I found out all chords don't have to use all six thanks for that, Kirk.

Maybe next month, when I've got a few quid to spare, I might finally get around to investing - you can only learn so much from hints, unless you've got the time to sit down and seriously study a particular discipline - which is what Kirk has done!

Lookin' forward to gettin' better.....

:D :D :D


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Gibson has just put up a video by Arlen Roth on sliding in standard:

They've also put one up on "5 Sliding Tips For Beginners" by Roy Rogers.

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