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a new guy needs ass...
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a new guy needs assistance

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Hello!As you can see I'm new here so I would bepleased to get in touch with someone who could show m,e around.

I've recently written a new piece and am working on the lyrics at the moment.I'll add them here as soon as I finish them and would be glad if someone took a look and told me whether they would do it?

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Hi George and welcome!

People would be more than happy to give you critiques of your wrok. If it's a general song or lyric, you'd want to post it on the "Guitar Noise Songwriting Club" page. The SSG, or "Sunday Songwriters Group" is more like a class in that it work on specific assignments ("topics") at any given time (we're currently working on "week 14" which you can find posted at the top). Many, if not most, of the people who participate on this page also contribute to the regular songwriting page as well.

Of course, you're also always welcome to take a stab at any assignment that we've got going here. Even the old ones!

Looking forward to reading and hearing your material.